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Smallworld Electric Office

GE Digital’s Smallworld Electric Office software solution provides a cross-technology end-to-end view of the electric transmission and distribution network. This comprehensive and integrated view of the network combines the fully connected electrical system with robust industry common applications to support end-to-end critical business processes.

The Smallworld Electric Office suite will lower the total cost of ownership for customers through standard installation, minimal customization, streamlined maintenance, and planned upgrades while improving operational efficiency.

Smallworld Electric Office main parts:

  • Electric Office, documentation, planning and engineering solution
  • Electric Office Web, intranet and internet access to the data via browser
  • GIS Adapter is IEC CIM v15 standards-based configurable and easily
    extendable integration between GE systems and Non-GE systems like DMS
  • Analysis & Optimization to analyse and optimise network e.g. related to motor start scenarios and load on the network.