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The TRANSFIX DGA 500 is a new on-line monitoring unit that measures 5 individual dissolved gas and moisture and provides both on-line monitoring and key exploratory diagnostics. It uses the now well known PAS technology (Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy) made popular due to its accuracy, repeatability and lack of consumable through its bigger brother the Kelman™ TRANSFIX.

Transfix DGA 500

Transfix DGA 500


Power Utilities

  • Middle of the road solution for medium-criticality transformers
  • Monitoring together with remote exploratory diagnostic

Industrial Plants

  • Reduces the risk of process interruption due to power failure
  • Minimizes costly production downtime

Key Benefits

  • Automated 5-gas plus moisture on-line monitoring
  • Can specifically identify early arcing issues
  • Ability to perform Duval’s triangle DGA diagnostic
  • Easily replaceable with a full nine gas unit
  • Communicates data to allow remote diagnostic
  • No carrier or calibration consumable gases required
  • Available with AC or AC/DC power supply

Download TRANSFIX DGA 500 Fact Sheet (PDF, 992 KB)