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Kelman Transport X²

Kelman Transport X²

Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and moisture measurement of insulating fluids are recognized as the most important tests for condition assessment of fluid-insulated transformers.

Kelman Transport X² is a portable ‘lab in a box’ delivering detailed analysis with short turnaround times. In critical situations, the ability to  perform DGA in less than 30 minutes on the spot, empowers asset owners to determine a transformer’s condition onsite and thereby allow operational decisions to be made at the earliest opportunity.

GE was the first to deliver consumable-free DGA products to the market and new Transport X² -version represents the next generation of its portable system.

Key Benefits

  • Measurement of 7 diagnostic gases and moisture content in the oil
  • Fast diagnostics in less than 30 minutes
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface with step-by-step instructions and Plug and Play connectivity
  • Compatible with mineral insulating oils and newer ester-based fluids (natural and synthetic)
  • Enables operators to effectively respond to alarms, trip events and supports on-site field decision making
  • Ideal companion to GE’s range of single gas online DGA monitors for adding transformer diagnostics
  • Built-in internationally recognized DGA diagnostic software tools
  • 5 year warranty as standard


  • Mission critical industrial transformers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Buchholz relay gas
  • Tap changer tanks
  • Instrument transformers
  • Oil filled circuit breakers

Download Kelman Transport X² Fact Sheet (PDF, 1,74 MB)