Spatialworld Oy

Spatialworld Oy is authorized distributor of GE Energy for Smallworld GIS products and services in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic Countries.

We provide, together with our partners, solutions to our customers based on the world-leading Smallworld GIS technology. Our solutions help organizations design, build, operate, and manage complex facility networks. The solutions are built on proven, object-oriented technology that can be completely integrated with other business applications to provide a seamless flow of information throughout the enterprise.

We are also authorized distributor of GE Energy for Kelman and Hydran transformer monitoring and diagnostics products. With these units transformer faults can be detected in their infancy and costly unplanned outages and equipment failures can be minimized.

Spatialworld Oy is also authorized distributor of Safe Software for FME Products.

Our services consist of product support, training and consultancy.