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Spatialworld Oy

Spatialworld Oy

Spatialworld Oy is an authorized representative of GE Digital for Smallworld GIS products and services in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. From GE Grid Solutions products, we represent Kelman, Hydran and Intellix products and services. Safe Software’s FME products are also among the products we represent.


We offer our customers products based on these industry-leading technologies, as well as related services such as support, training and consulting. We can also carry out projects responsibly ourselves or in cooperation with other actors.


Smallworld GIS-based applications help our customers design, build, operate, and manage complex hardware networks. The applications are built on object-oriented technology tested in customer environments. Applications take care of data integrity and are easy to integrate with other applications in the organization, allowing seamless flow of information within the organization.


With Kelman and Hydran transformer monitoring products, transformer damage can be detected at an early stage when expensive, unplanned interruptions and equipment failures can be minimized.


With Safe Software’s FME products, location data and a variety of other data can be read from a variety of sources, analyzed and combined with other data, errors can be corrected, and the data can be exported to other systems and files. FME is also a highly used tool for conversions and systems integration. With FME, complex data flow processes can be built without coding using a graphical user interface.