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Analysis of a transformer oil sample for dissolved gases by a laboratory is an established technique recognised as the most important test for monitoring power transformers.


The Kelman TRANSPORT X is a compact portable Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) system which can be used to analyze oil samples for all dissolved fault gases and moisture. If abnormal levels are detected, it further provides a diagnostic using various IEEE/IEC approved interpretation rules.

This is a vital piece of equipment when more frequent oil tests need to be performed on aging transformers or when an immediate on-site diagnostic is required following an alarm from a single gas DGA monitor.


  • All sizes of transformers tanks.
  • Ideal for site intervention teams.
  • Generation to Distribution transformers.
  • OLTC and any oil filled equipment.


  • Measures individually all 7 fault-gases plus water content (moisture) from a manually taken oil sample.
  • Provides all results and a diagnostic based on several methods in less than 30 minutes.
  • Option to process transformer mathematical models based on IEEE/IEC standards and only transmit key results.
  • Easy to operate with minimal training.
  • No moving parts, no pumps and no extra piping required.
  • Ability to go from high gassed samples (such as tap changers) to low gassed samples (such as main tanks) with no contamination of results.

Transport X


  • Wide detection range with excellent accuracy for all seven fault gases (typically 1-50,000 ppm).
  • Only 11kg (24lbs) in a rugged convenient carry case.
  • No carrier or calibration gases needed.
  • Suitable for transport on plane as hand luggage.
  • Extremely easy step-by-step operation.
  • Color screen with touch control for operation and results display.
  • Up to 20,000 records stored in internal memory.
  • Embedded thermal printer for hard copy of results.

Download Kelman TRANSPORT X Fact Sheet (PDF, 972 KB)