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Smallworld Customers

A typical customer uses a Smallworld GIS-based application to document and design their networks. The application, in turn, is pre-integrated or may be integrated with various systems and add-on modules that help utilize network information for different departments, assist in building, inspecting and updating networks in the field, or even assist real-time network monitoring systems.

Customers represent mainly the following business areas and work with the following business applications:

  • Utility network solutions. Integrated applications for transmission and distribution networks to document, design and manage networks including all assets and connectivity information.
  • Telecommunication network solutions. The entire network assets of fixed and wireless transmission and distribution networks documentation, design and management, including both external networks and equipment facilities with connectivity information. Typically, this physical telecommunications network is integrated with logical network management and various applications where information is utilized in different departments and at field.
  • General GIS solutions. Smallworld GIS is a very good development environment for the needs of different industries, as it provides ready-made powerful application development tools for creating custom applications.

The growing use of spatial data in organizations, rapid changes in the work environment, and the growing need for integrated systems are creating new needs and requirements for modern GIS applications. Smallworld technology meets these challenges by providing tools for a reliable and scalable software architecture as well as rapid application development.