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Perception Fleet

Transformer Fleet Risk Management Software System

Perception Fleet - Managing Risks of Transformer Fleet.

Perception Fleet – Managing Risks of Transformer Fleet.

Perception Fleet is a smart, simplified and standards-based software system that moves customers from a manual, one-on-one transformer assessment process to an automated and online fleet management assessment. By evaluating the condition of assets and establishing their risk of failure, Perception Fleet is able to prioritize and rank assets within a fleet.

The Perception Fleet software provides customers comprehensive transformer fleet condition rankings, transformer risk information, and expert analysis on-demand, removing time-consuming and costly manual processes as well as unnecessary maintenance and reducing capital expenses.

Key Benefits

Transformer Fleet Replacement Strategy


  • Provides a clear strategic view for asset replacement across the entire fleet
  • Tracks the fleet risk index over time to show the improving overall condition of the fleet
  • Allows for flexible and scalable transformer fleet risk management

Condition-Based Maintenance Program


  • Provides the insight required to shift from costly time-based maintenance to cost effective and focused condition-based maintenance
  • Reduces ambiguity and the need to speculate regarding budget requirements
  • Reduces OPEX usage on assets to only as required

Automated Data Analysis


  • Reduces time required to gather, amalgamate, analyze and interpret transformer diagnostic data
  • Provides intelligent algorithms to determine each transformer’s condition, and ranks the transformers in the fleet based on their risks
  • Reduces reliance on transformer expertise that is rapidly being lost

More details about Perception Fleet can be found from the fact sheet.

Download Perception Fleet Fact Sheet (PDF, 3,53 MB)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]