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Hydran 201Ti

The Hydran 201Ti is a small on-line early warning transmitter. It is permanently mounted on the transformer and will provide personnel with a single reading in ppm of a composite value of various fault gases to alert them to a potential issue.

Hydran 201Ti

Hydran 201Ti

This value can be trended and alarms can be set at pre-determined levels to alert personnel and enable monitoring of the developing fault condition.

Now even better

With the latest Mark IV version, the Hydran 201Ti monitor has been completely overhauled with new electronic boards and power supply to make it RoHS compliant, address any obsolescence issue and further improve this time proven product. It now offers additional features like:

  • Improved sensor
  • Modbus® protocol communication over isolated RS-485
  • Local USB port to replace the RS-232 port no longer found on most field laptops
  • Compatibility with GE’s acclaimed PerceptionTM software to download, trend and analyse data, like with any other GE DGA monitoring equipment


  • Simple, affordable and effective solution for small and medium sized transformers
  • Focuses and prioritizes asset replacement strategy
  • Reduces the risk of process interruption due to power failure
  • Minimizes costly production downtime


  • Real-time single composite fault-gas measurement system
  • Local and remote alarms set at pre-defined levels
  • Remote visibility of the gas reading and trend via a serial port
  • Easy to install on a single valve
  • No moving parts, no pumps and no extra piping required
  • No field calibration required

 Download Hydran 201Ti Mark IV Fact Sheet (PDF, 980 KB)