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Kelman DGA 900 PLUS

9 gas on-line DGA expandable with add-ons to a Transformer Monitoring System (TMS)

The Kelman DGA 900 PLUS builds on the standard 9 gas DGA and moisture capabilities of the Kelman DGA 900. Additionally it enables to expand its monitoring capabilities with extra sensors, electronic cards and firmware algorithms to bushing monitoring, partial discharge detection, OLTC monitoring and transformer models. These offer an integrated system with a more in-depth picture of the transformer’s overall condition and monitoring the root causes of most transformer failures.

Kelman DGA 900 PLUS Add-ons

  • Thermal and moisture models for transformer insulating system
  • Cooling monitoring
  • Electromechanical monitoring of on-load tap changer
  • Bushing monitoring and detecting partial discharge activity

Kelman DGA 900 Plus with Bushing monitoring

Kelman DGA 900 PLUS brochure. Please contact us for more details.