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FME® and Inspire

Along with Inspire directive, many spatial datasets become available in a homogenous form from every EU member country. Inspire defines several web services, through which the datasets of government agencies will be available to citizens. In addition, the spatial datasets have to be comformable to Inspire data themes. The key to a successful Inspire implementation is having a flexible system that serves the data to users, and with which the datasets of the data provider are transformed to Inspire data themes. FME can eliminate the often expensive and time-consuming task of transforming and integrating data into a common data model and schema. With FME, data contributors simply make their spatial data available to a server where it is automatically transformed into the community-accepted data model and then federated on-the-fly based on individual users’ requests.

FME Server

With FME Server a government agency can provide Inspire web services. Your organization can distribute spatial data with on-the-fly data streaming from databases, which includes OGC WFS, WMS, WCS and WPS and self-service data download. The web service can be integrated to multiple web technologies such as OpenLayers, Microsoft Bing, ArcGIS Server and Google Earth/Maps. The FME Server provided spatial data can be format, coordinate and data model transformed to the publishing database. Also on-the-fly schema transformations according to user requests are supported.


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