FME® – Connect, transform and automate

FME – Connect and transform datasets, and automate transformations to repeatable processes. Spatialworld offers licenses, support, consultancy and trainings.

Connect data sources

Merge data from different data sources with FME, and connect applications, systems and databases together. FME supports over 400 formats, including spatial data formats and many other formats.
Supported formats

Transform data

Transform and validate data with FME’s transformers using FME’s graphical UI, and save transformations as repeatable processes, which can be easily managed and modified.
FME transformers


Save time by converting manual processes to repeatable routines. You can create schedules and event based triggers, with which transformations can start automatically.
Read more about FME Server

FME Desktop

Create repeatable transformation processes with easy to use graphical UI.

FME Server

Automate FME Desktop processes by scheduling them or setting them to start, when a certain event occurs.

FME Cloud

FME Server in cloud provides different service concepts.

FME Cloud Signup
Get started with a free $250 credit.

FME reseller

We’ve been Safe Software’s partner over 15 years, and you can get FME licenses from us, the maintenance of which include our support services. Contact for more information

FME trainings and consultancy

Join our FME trainings, where our certificated FME trainers train you. Read more
Utilize our FME consultancy services, and our consultants solve your transformation problems fast!
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