FME® Server

Automate any data transformation with FME Server.


Process datasets automatically by defining events and schedules, from which processes start. You can monitor folders, email or an API, and set processes to start in a certain order or concurrently.

Event driven processes

With FME Server UI you can define events, from which processes start. An event can be e.g. a new or modified dataset, a message from an API or an email, which starts the processes you’ve chosen.

Scheduling processes

Create repeatable processes with FME Server’s scheduling tools. You can define, when the processes start, their time intervals and you can easily control schedules.
FME Server can also send messages about successful runs and errors.

FME Server services

With FME Server you can easily implement data download and transformation services, and connect FME Server’s functionality to other applications, e.g. map UI. Services can be quickly edited with FME Desktop, and they can be republished to FME Server without an interruption in use.


FME Server is a top secure software. Security has been taken into account in authentication, user roles, data control and data transfer through network. Read more.

Highly scalable

FME Server can be seamlessly scaled up with additional engines. Scale it up without interruption in use. Read more.

Straightforward to use

FME Server’s UI has been designed to be easy to use and intuitive. Setting up automations and services is fast.


FME Server’s REST API includes a lot of functions to control FME Server. Starting processes outside of FME Server is easy with the REST API. Read more.


FME Server is fault-tolerant, and it recovers well from different failure situations. Thus your data and processes are safe. Lue lisää.


FME Server can be easily connected to other applications, systems and web UIs, and they can utilize FME’s whole transformation capabilities.

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